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Best Smoke Spots in the City You're Probably Traveling To: Part 1

  • by Cody Ziering
We’ve all been there. You go on vacation, or a business trip in a different city, you’re in your non-smoking Airbnb or hotel and you’re not feeling reckless enough to just light up inside. So you need to go outside but you’re not from there, you don’t know what’s good, and where’s good. Are the people chill with it? Are the cops going to care? Is there a cool spot to smoke? Everyone hates those feelings, and no one wants to be smoking in some alley, behind a dumpster to avoid being seen. So I dug deep through Reddit to see what local people said about the safest/coolest smoke spots in their cities. This should make your next trip to these big cities a little less stressful. If you know of any other great secret smoke spots please email with a name, location/address, and a brief description of why it’s a great spot smoke, can be from any city in any country!
Inwood Hill Park
Inwood Hill Park is a natural oasis located in the heart of the concrete jungle; Manhattan. The park is not only a safe/secluded place to smoke, but is a really, really cool one. Due to ancient glacier shifts, the land is carved up and what remains are unique caves and valleys that create a one of a kind smoke spot.
Central Park
I know this one seems obvious and touristy, but anyone who has been knows that Central Park, is MASSIVE. Any semi experienced stoner can walk around for 10 minutes and find a safe and pleasant place to smoke. The park has tons of scenic spots, and with flowers, and bench’s to sit at that are covered by trees. You can enjoy your surrounds without worrying about unwanted visitors
East River Park
Yeah another park. Unfortunately unless you have access to a private apartment, or roof/balcony, finding a pleasant smoke spot requires going to a park. East River Park however provides a discreet, and relaxing place to smoke. Down by the water you can enjoy watching the river, while also getting a unique side perspective view of the Manhattan skyline.
The Aquarium
The Shedd Aquarium which is right down by the lake, came up various times in my Reddit search. I’ve never been to Chicago but lots of contributors say this is the best place to smoke in the city. With a beautiful view of the lake, the aquarium provides a scenic spot. For those of you that are more ambitious, one Reddit contributor said “at night and you can climb up the lawn and up to the glass walls…and watch the belugas swim around. Sometimes they're dolphin training.” Sea animals and a beautiful view of the lake = one pretty dope smoke spot.
Belmont Harbor
The harbor is a popular spot for many people as it is located within Lincoln park, but relax its big enough to smoke your pot discreetly. The harbor, like the aquarium offers a beautiful view of the lake, with what many reddit users say is the best view of the Chicago skyline. They also said, don’t go on a windy day.
I bet you can’t guess where this one is… You’re right, its down by the lake, I think I’m on to something here. All jokes aside, the planetarium does provide a good spot from what many Reddit users have said. It provides good protection from other people, and another stunning view of the skyline.
Memorial Drive
On the other side of the Charles River is Boston’s little brother Cambridge, which is where Memorial Drive is located. A busy two lane road that runs along the banks of the Charles river, park your car on one of the side streets and walk over to the walking path along the river. Here you will find benches, or a nice spot on the grass to lay down and light up. And you will look up to a breathtaking view of the Boston skyline. If you time it right you can see the sun set behind the skyline.
The Docks
Scattered along Boston’s riverside park called the Esplanade, there are docks open to the public for those who kayak, or sail in the Charles River. In the summer these docks are some of the best smoking spots in the city, with a calm  view and the sound of the water around you these docks have become notorious to locals as a great spot to light up. So much so that most of the time you go, there is often three other groups there already doing the same thing. If you’re lucky enough a boat will drive by while your smoking, the current will rock the docks which feels really cool when you’re stoned.
Arnold Arboretum
The Arboretum is located in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood, the Arboretum is within what is known as the Emerald Necklace, a network of parks that are connected via walkways and waterways. The Emerald Necklace covers 1100 acres of land through Boston and Brookline neighborhoods. With this much space lots of secluded areas, this is an easy place to smoke and take your mind off things.

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