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Premium Prerolls

  • by Cody Ziering

Legalization, whether you love it or hate it, is sending waves of change that touch all corners of the cannabis industry. Money is pouring in for cannabinoid research, enhanced cultivation techniques, premium flower/extract production, and we as cannabis lovers are here to reap the benefits. One segment in particular, prerolls, has flourished as it has seen a substantial amount of change and innovation. No longer is our only pre-roll option trim that wasn’t good enough to be sold as flower, now we can go to a dispensary and spend anywhere between $5 and $250 on a pre-roll, and if you really want the best of the best, you can spend over a 10 grand on a single preroll! This has allowed the pre-roll segement of the market to rid itself of the low quality stigma that it has had for the past decade. Not many people are more pleased about this than I am, as someone who loves smoking of all kinds, bongs, rigs, bowls, you name it, there is nothing better than passing around a well rolled joint or blunt with a couple of your close friends, so in that spirit we will be taking a look at the different types of prerolls you may find on your next trip to the dispensary!

The Kiefed Preroll

One of my favorite new additions to the pre-roll world! The kiefed preroll adds a level of potency to prerolls that you cannot reach with regular flower. Not only does it give you more THC, but the keif aids in the burn of the joint and prevents canoeing, which is maybe the most devastating thing that could happen to a nicely rolled joint. These usually range from between $15-$25 for a single preroll!

Check out some of the best brands for Kiefed Prerolls



Ganja Gold makes the Tarantula preroll, coated in thc oil and the dipped in kief! $18-$21 for a single roll


Next Level produces a line of keifed prerolls , that are all rolled with only top shelf flower, no trim! These beauties come in at around $20-$25 for a single.

The Infused Preroll

The infused preroll is another amazing adaptation of the preroll, that has hit the market strong! However, "infused pre-roll" can mean two different things; hash infused or C02 oil infused. The hash infused preroll is geared towards the old-school enthusiasts that prefer traditional hashish rather than the new age C02 oils. Hashish oil can range from between 40%-80% THC, so if you’re going to indulge in one of these, you better come prepared. Hashish infused prerolls usually cost between $25-$45. The other kind of infused preroll is the C02 oil infused pre-roll, these prerolls are usually less expensive than their hashish counterparts, due to the fact that C02 oil is becoming more and more popular. But don’t be fooled by the lower price, C02 infused prerolls still pack a punch! While the increased potency is a great benefit, one of my favorite parts about an infused preroll is how well it smokes. The dense oil inside and around the joint allows for an easy, smooth, and slow burn, that makes for the perfect sesh.


Check out some of the best brands for Infused Prerolls


Caliva makes the Super Session preroll, rolled with premium flower and infused with hash and kief the Super Session is aptly named!



Stizzy most known for their oils, also produces premium infused prerolls! This preroll is double infused, as the top-shelf cannabis in the preroll is mixed with distillate oil, and once rolled up is coated in distillate oil once more! These prerolls will run you between $15-$20 for a single!

The Cannagar

The Cannagar, not to be confused with a blunt, is the pinnacle of not only prerolls, but smoking weed in general. These luxurious delicacies can contain between four grams, or in some ridiculous cases up to an ounce, of flower mixed with hashish, keef, and thc oil. What sets these apart from blunts is that there is no tobacco in a cannagar at all, they are typically rolled in hemp leaves to increase the flavor and avoid the harsh burn that comes with a tobacco leaf. That is what you are paying for when you splurge on these decedent creations; the experience. The first part is the flavor, cannagar creators source their flower, leaves, extracts, and oils from only the best cannabis growers and producers in the world. To smoke a concoction of some of the worlds highest quality cannabis products, all rolled up into a cannabis leaf creates an aroma and flavor even the most seasoned enthusiasts have never tasted. The second part is the high, as we just said cannagars are filled with only the most premium flower and concentrate, that gives you a clean, long lasting high. Lastly what caps off the experience, is how long and beautifully a cannagar burns, unlike a blunt where you rush to get as many hits in before its done. Cannagars burn in some cases for 3 hours, and for smaller ones up to an hour! Either way it is plenty of time to relax, and enjoy the experience of smoking the most premium cannabis product in the world.

Check out some of the best brands for Cannagars

Liera cannagars are one of the most popular brands in the market! These luxurious roll ups can last almost 3 hours, but will run you over $200! In my opinion, that’s for sure worth it!


Made in Xiaolin (MIX) cannagars bring a level of precision and perfection I have never seen used in cannabis production. MIX sources its flower and oils from only the best quality farms, and hand rolls each individual cannagar so that each one is unique. Everything from the flower that is brought in, to the climate of the room these cannagars are rolled in is controlled to ensure only the best results from these masterful creations. For perfection like this be prepared to spend between $250-$400!

As ridiculous and grandiose as some of this sounds, it is only a small representation of what legalization has brought to the cannabis community.  Now we are free to come out of the shadows and express our creativity and love for cannabis by developing these amazing creations. This is only the beginning of a massive change in the cannabis space, we will be seeing some exciting advancements in the world of cannabis, and cannot wait to experience it all. Please subscribe to our newsletter “The PAQ” to keep up with our blog, see funny memes and to stay updated on industry news!


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