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Get The Most Out Of Your Edible

  • by Cody Ziering
I'm guessing most of you are just like me, and have had variety of edible experiences good, bad, and meh. There’s the edibles that don’t work, and got you texting your dealer pissed off, talking about “you sold me a bunch of bullsh*t.” Sometimes you got the ones that have you melted into the couch, so high you can barely string a sentence together. Other times you wait an hour and feel nothing so you’re like “fuck it I’m gonna smoke,” and 30 minutes later you’re putting the cereal in the fridge and the milk in the cabinet. Or, if you’re me, sometimes you get the edible that has you forgetting that your stomach has a limit, and 2 hours later you find yourself with your head in the toilet. For sure not my best performance. (Fun Fact: The other night though, I ate 3 Big Macs in less than 10 minutes. Didn't puke.  True story.) Bottomline your edible experience can go lots of different ways, but there are a couple tricks you can do to make it a little more consistent.
The biggest determinant of your edible experience is obviously the edible itself, but there are a couple things you can do in preparation to maximize the high. It starts and ends with your diet. The first part is making sure you’ve had just the right amount of food prior to taking the edible. Too much food can lead to nausea and will slow down absorption process which means the edibles will take a longer time to kick in. On the flip side, if you take edibles on an empty stomach you will experience the effects more rapidly because the edible is the only thing the stomach has to digest. While this seems beneficial, the process happens so quickly that all of the THC does not have time to be absorbed and will result in a weaker high. It is recommended that you eat a small to medium sized snack 15-30 minutes before you eat your edible, this allows enough time for you to absorb the THC molecules, but also won’t leave you sitting around wondering when the edible is going to kick in. Now the question shifts from “How much food?” to “What food?” The answer is fats, yes you heard that right eat more fat. THC and other cannabinoids are not absorbed by water, they are lipophilic meaning they are only absorbed by lipids. Fats are the most common form of lipids, therefore if you haven’t eaten or have been eating a low fat diet, you take away some of your body’s ability to absorb the THC. Eating a snack with a high amount of fats in it (avocado, nuts, cheese, etc) will optimize your body’s THC absorption and make sure that you get every milligram that’s in your edible.
Hope this helps!

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