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Stoner Pro Tips I

  • by Cody Ziering
Over the past 10 years of smoking copious amounts of pot, I have picked up some tips and tricks along the way. These tips are not in any particular order, but are just my friendly advice to help you make the most out of your cannabis experiences. I hope you find these, and the many more to come helpful.
James’ Law of Gravity Bongs
Always have a gravity bong in the house. This I learned from being a broke college kid, but even some of the most wealthy stoners could benefit from this tip. As I said in one of my previous blog posts, gravity bongs or geebs, are the most efficient way to smoke, and will get you the most high with the smallest amount of weed. Although most of the time I’d prefer to smoke a preroll, sometimes your just running low, or you gotta conserve your bud, and that is where the geeb comes in, giving you the maximum high from whatever amount you put in there. Geebs are simple to make, all you need is a two water bottles. I have attached a video below that goes over the instructions for putting one together. The geeb, for most, is not an all-the-time option, but when you need it, it always delivers.
Think Outside the Coffee Table  
What’s the most common place you see a bong? For a lot of you the most probable answer is on your living room coffee table, or at you friend’s apartment on his/her coffee table. I’m here to tell you now that the coffee table is the most dangerous place on earth for a bong. Sure, sure, it’s risky to pass around, but most of the time everyone is super-careful of the bong to not drop it or break it because no one wants to be “that person.” It’s after the sesh, when everyone is properly stoned that things get dangerous and the bong is placed on the coffee table. I can’t tell you how many bongs (12) I have seen fall or get knocked off a coffee table and shatter to a tragic, and messy death. I know I’m not alone. So what’s the solution?  Simple, put your bong on the ground and prevent the 2-2.5 foot fall from the coffee table by eliminating it all together. Find a spot under the coffee table, behind a couch, or in the corner of a room to keep it safe while you’re not smoking. I’ve owned the same bong for 4 years now, and it’s as good as the first day I bought it, because it stays tucked away in the corner on the ground. See below!
Save Your Stemmies
 Now this is another one of those college tips. Not the typical “save your stems so you can make tea out of them,” no that sh*t is trash, just use the leftover cooked weed next time you make edibles. Moving on, I recommend you save your stems for the next time you’re really in need. When I was in college if I was dry, or I was broke, or both (usually it was both), I always had my jar of stems. After being in the jar for so long, the little bit of weed on the stems dries up and all you have to do is shake the jar and the weed congregates at the bottom. Obviously being in this situation is one that you want to avoid, but hey it always helps to be prepared!
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