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Stoner Pro Tips II

  • by Cody Ziering
Get Your Grinder Drunk
How many of you have experienced a sticky grinder? You know, one of those grinders that you have to use all of Zeus’ might to turn one rotation. The ones that you have to get your nails under just to lift the cap because it’s so sticky. If you’ve had experience with one, you’re well aware of how unpleasant it makes the overall experience of getting baked. So here’s a stoner pro tip to help you get that clean grind every time. You know how you can eat a preposterous amount of food when you’re drunk? Well your grinder can eat a preposterous amount of weed when it’s drunk, and that’s not even a joke. When you start to notice “sticky grinder syndrome” coming on, let your grinder sit in a bowl of rubbing alcohol for 12-24 hours. Really easy all you have to do is take apart your grinder and throw it in. When you take it out, give it a rinse, wipe it down, and you’re good to go. When you grind with it you’ll notice it rotates smoothly and cuts through flower with less effort. Not only does it make grinding easier, but it prolongs the life of your grinder and helps you collect more kief. When you try too hard to rotate a sticky grinder, you risk ruining the adhesive between the teeth and the grinder cap rendering your grinder totally useless. It helps you collect more kief  by unclogging the screen in your grinder to allow more kief to fall through into the kief catcher, if you have one.
Set a Screen
Want your bong water to be as clean as Holy water? Too bad that ain’t gonna happen chief, but I do have a tip that will make your bong water less disgusting, and will help keep your piece clean! It’s a pretty simple tip actually, just put a screen in the bowl or down stem of your piece. Screens can be found at any smoke shop or online for very cheap, and are easy to install and replace. Screens prevent you from pulling ash into your piece, which clogs it up and makes it taste bad. The ash is difficult to get out and is typically left to sit inside the piece where it cements, making it even more difficult to remove, and guaranteeing you a burnt ashy taste whenever you use it. The screen helps avoid all of this, by catching it all before it even has the chance to get in the piece, just change it every couple of days and you’ll feel like your smoking out of a new piece every time.
Make Sure The Joint is Al Dente
I don’t know if some of you are true OG’s and still roll your joints without a filter, so I’m gonna assume most of you may be able to put this one to use. If you’re ever out of filter papers, business cards, or are just too damn lazy to make one yourself, use a piece of pasta. I know it sounds weird, and at first it takes some adjustment, but a piece of penne or fusilli (spiral) pasta makes a great filter. It serves its general purpose, filtering the weed from the smoke to create a barrier that prevents you from inhaling scooby snacks. However, it also adds more to the joint than your typical filter. The pasta is and sturdy making the joint much less flimsy and easier to pass. Lastly, it keeps the filter dry, pasta does not absorb water as quickly as paper, so when you pass it to that one friend that loves to slobber on the joint, you don’t have to worry about a getting a wet noodle passed back to you.
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