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Stoner Pro Tips III

  • by Cody Ziering
Work The Corner 
Cornering the bowl is not only a more pleasant way of smoking, but is also sign of respect amongst stoners, and an unwritten rule of smokers etiquette. What is cornering the bowl? When it is your turn to light the bowl, bong or bubbler you only light a small part of green, rather than torching the whole thing. This allows you to make the bowl last longer, as less bud is burning while exhaling (or coughing) and when passing. It also allows each member of the sesh to get some greens rather than pulling in ash. So how do you corner a bowl? Rather than igniting the lighter directly above the bowl, hold the lighter to the side of the bowl, just on the perimeter. Inhale as you spark the lighter, your breath will pull the flame into the bowl but only on a portion of it, while allowing the rest of the bowl to stay fresh. Cornering the bowl makes sure you don’t look like a total rookie, and also shows your courtesy towards the rest of the people in the sesh.
Extra Crispy Bud
When making your own weed oil or butter, the obvious main ingredient is bud. However, once the process is complete, everyone is mainly focused on the butter/oil rather than the bud. This is fair, given that the endeavor was undertaken with the main purpose of making the butter/oil but stop forgetting the bud. I say this for two main reasons. The first is because there is still tons of butter/oil left in the cooked bud that has been absorbed. After you strain the butter/oil from the cooked bud, take a fork and press down on the cooked bud (you might mess up the strainer a little) and you will get plenty of extra butter/oil out of it. The second part is that you can reuse that cooked bud in a tea, empty a tea bag, fill it with the cooked bud, and reseal. So while the brownies, or cookies are still in the oven, you can get a head start by sipping on some THC tea.
Homemade Humidor
Yeah, yeah, I know you probably have a mason jar, or something to hold your flower that is “airtight,” but we all know that eventually mother nature always wins. You’ll go open you mason jar after a week-long vacation and come to find that the sticky-icky that you put in when you left is now crumbling to dust in your hand. It’s happened to all of us and it sucks, but with a little resourcefulness you can solve this problem. The issue with mason jars is that they let just enough air into the jar to dry up your herb, so you have to add moisture and it’s pretty simple. All you need is a cotton ball or two, a tooth pick, and some tin foil. First take out a small strip of tin foil, enough to cover a cotton ball. Take the tooth pick and make 10-15 small holes throughout the tin foil. Then dampen the cotton ball, do not make it two wet if you do your bud may get moldy, just dampen it. Wrap the ball in the tin foil, and drop in the mason jar with the bud, and boom, that sticky-icky will stay sticky. This is always the move when you’re buying bigger quantities that end up sitting around.

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