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Two Jews and a Little Bit of Jesus

  • by Cody Ziering

On a dark, cold and snowy night deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, fresh off a New Years Eve hangover, two 20-something roommates found themselves deeply enthralled in their latest high-dea. 

Having only been roommates for two days at the time, both were drawn to Colorado by the allure, and possibility of the budding cannabis industry. Each coming from different backgrounds. One from the tech world, a former analyst at Apple, the other from finance, fresh out of a year-long rat race at an investment firm. Both Jews, both DJs, both eager to take on the cannabis industry. 

So what do a couple 20-somethings do when it's cold, snowing and your mom hasn't shipped your ski gear up to you?... That’s right, you blaze.

This is the story of how an OG, named Jesus, changed two Jews lives forever.

The pair decide to visit a dispensary not far from where they lived. Confronted with a plethora of choices; delicious edibles, highly potent dabs and crystaly greens, the pair debated what to pick. While gazing amongst their options, they were quickly drawn to the preroll section, where the memories of sharing a nicely rolled joint or a big fat blunt with childhood friends started rolling in. They agreed there was no better way to bond as new roommates than to share a preroll or two or three. The two scooped a pack to enjoy, they knew they would be stuck with nothing to do and were prepping for the long night ahead. 

The strain of the prerolls: Jesus OG 

The new roommates get home, plop on the couch, and pop open their pack. 




Within minutes the stories start flying; childhood, funny incidents, family life, college, future aspiration, goals everything pours out. About 3 prerolls, and 4 hours later the roommates; sky high, are bonded like brothers. As Jews, they call it beshert, for everyone else, destiny. 

Soon after the high-deas started to fly, and reach their peak as they ash the roach on their 4th preroll of the night. One of them goes to put the roach back into the pack, but stops himself thinking "this is gonna make the 5th and 6th preroll taste like sh*t." This realization then catalyzes a string of ideas between the two roommates of how the preroll pack could have been better constructed to fit the needs of the cannabis smoker.

That is when they saw it. A gaping hole the size of the Grand Canyon in the market: user & brand friendly preroll packaging. 

Not wanting to forget their high-deas, the roommates quickly filled four pages of a notebook, including a rough sketch, a logo, and a bare bones business plan. Three and half years later their names have been featured in magazines and products can be found in multiple states across the US and in parts of Canada. 

It was on this day, with a little help from Jesus, that two Jews found their newest and greatest frontier. PAQ was born.


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