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Using Innovation to Stay True to Our Roots

  • by Cody Ziering
In an effort to legitimize cannabis, the industry is working to rid itself of the negative stigmas associated with marijuana. The most harmful of these is the stereotype of the “lazy stoner,” a red-eyed, couch-locked bum that has been the fear of parents since the days of “Reefer Madness.” The legalization of cannabis has given rise to a new breed of cannabis smoker. That negative image is being phased out in favor of the productive, active, and engaged user. Product manufactures and developers have hopped on this trend in recent years and have been developing products that are geared toward this kind of user. For example, look no further than the burgeoning market for vape pens and cartridges, preferred by users because they are mobile, discreet, able to minimize odors, and extremely quick and simple to use. Another is collapsible bongs and bowls that are ideal for hikes, bike rides, travel, and other on-the-go activities because they can be easily stowed. What do these all have in common? Mobility, discretion, and ease-of-use.
At PAQ, we saw that the most traditional class of smoker – the hand rolled smoker – was being left behind. So we set out to build a product for the pre-roll smoker. PAQ set out to develop a product to bring pre-rolls into the new era of smoking. With this goal in mind, the JPAQ was born to be the pinnacle of pre-roll packaging and transportation to allow oldest means of smoking to flourish in an era of active, on-the-go smokers.
Our primary focus areas when developing the JPAQ were mobility, discretion, and protection. Measuring up at barely the size of a phone, the JPAQ fits into any pocket, purse, or bag to easily carry pre-rolls anywhere and everywhere. With its sleek design and small size, the JPAQ is inconspicuous and does not draw attention, allowing for discreet transportation of pre-rolls. Furthermore, the JPAQ’s gasket seal locks in odors, so even after enjoying the pre-rolls, the JPAQ keeps smells away from clothing and bags. Most importantly, the JPAQ is specifically designed to keep pre-rolls safe. The five individual compartments inside the JPAQ prevent pre-rolls from bending, breaking, or getting shaken up, and the strong plastic frame is engineered to withstand heavy impacts and drops to prevent pre-rolls from being crushed. The JPAQ also protects against the elements, the gasket creates an airtight seal that extends the life of pre-rolls and keeps them fresh for longer. The gasket also creates a water resistant seal that protects against rain, spills, drops in puddles. It can even protect pre-rolls while floating in water.  
The JPAQ is the most premium packaging option available on the market and is perfectly built with the new class of smoker in mind. If on-the-go means having a busy work week, the JPAQ allows for easy transportation and discreet use. Or if on-the-go means spending a day hiking or skiing, JPAQ’s is engineered to protect the pre-rolls from anything the mountain may put them through!

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