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Review: JPAQ and JPAQtrio by PAQcase |

  • by Cody Ziering

Originally written by M. Lasley and posted at on July 27, 2021

There’s just something about a joint. As I’ve started to try more pre-rolls from Illinois producers, I’ve fallen more in love with the classic smoking apparatus, and I’m not the only one. An entire industry of accessories catering to the joint smoker has popped up, and the JPAQ is part of that wave.

JPAQ and the smaller JPAQtrio provide a modern, engineered answer to a question that I’ve only previously answered with a tuck behind the ear. 

The full-size JPAQ and the JPAQtrio hold 5 and 3 joints, respectively. They are each made of a high-quality smooth-touch hard plastic, equipped with a pinch style child resistant lock and available in both black and white.

Each one is equipped with a gasket that makes them smell proof and an interior holding tray that provides an individual tube for each joint. The full size JPAQ also includes a separate chamber at the base for holding used joints that they call the “Roach Coach.”

I was surprised at how much use I got out of the JPAQ and the trio. The hardshell design made them the perfect companion for hiking out to a special smoke spot (or three).
They would also make the perfect carrier for a night out or the (finally returning) summer music festivals. Besides the durability and convenience, I found the JPAQs added a sense of occasion to a joint. People smile when you pull one out no matter what, but they want to talk when you get one out of a pack.
I enjoyed both the JPAQ and the JPAQtrio, using the latter more often simply because it is so easy to slide into a pocket. They both answered a question I didn’t know I needed to ask.

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