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Saving More Terps For Private Label Cannabis Brands |

  • by Cody Ziering

Originally written by Julie Fulton and published at on September 17, 2020

When Brett Gelfand co-founded PAQCase in January 2017, he had already recognized the challenges of properly preserving and promoting cannabis pre-rolls. In prior years as an executive assistant at a vertically integrated cannabis company in Colorado, he saw how the industry was promoting the end product but was less concerned with—or even unaware of—the realities of terpene evaporation.  He went to work, and soon developed and patented the first pre-roll case with a gasket seal. Child-resistant packaging also was incorporated, and the business began to grow.

As a stand-alone product, the PAQCase offered major benefits over other pre-roll storage options, especially Ziploc® baggies, paper bags or even other cases on the market. He advanced his idea by custom designing PAQCases with UV digital printing. Now dispensaries can splash their own logos on premium cases of their private label pre-rolls.

But Brett wanted to offer more; he knew the cannabis industry needed to find a way to maintain the aromas, flavors and effectiveness all the way from the cure until consumption. Yet, in order to accomplish his goal most effectively, Brett needed to control and maintain humidity—in short, he needed a terpene shield.

A patented PAQCase is....
  • Airtight, water resistant and childproof
  • Slim enough to fit in a pocket
  • Roomy enough to preload pre-rolls with the Boveda terpene shield

How Humidity Affects Terps

No matter where you are in the cannabis industry supply chain, humidity can degrade and eventually destroy the product you work so hard to deliver. Immediately after harvest, flower begins to lose its terpenes.

In only a week, without protection, up to 40% of flower’s aromas, flavors and effectiveness evaporate.

Brett’s team and the private dispensaries that offer pre-rolls, needed to save terpenes and thereby offer consistent quality and freshness, preserving the full effectiveness, and avoiding the negative effects that come from lost terpenes. 

How Boveda's Terpene Shield Protects Pre-rolls

In 2017, Brett met Anthony Brask, Boveda Account Executive at the Cannabis Business Conference in Las Vegas. They immediately hit it off, and Anthony shared Boveda’s patented terpene shield that protected everything Brett was seeking to protect. 

Immediately recognized the advantages of PAQCase and Boveda collaboration, including:

  • Increased pre-roll preservation and quality for PAQCase customers
  • A business partnership focused on the same thing—cannabis protection
  • The enhanced credibility of integrating a globally recognized product—Boveda’s Terpene Shield

Since that first meeting in 2017, Brett and the entire team at PAQCase have been completely satisfied with the significantly increased pre-roll preservation Boveda offers. Boveda has allowed PAQCase to better serve its customers.

And Boveda’s latest test results speak volumes about the original terpene shield’s ability to maintain freshness and potency. 

As Tina O’Shea, Boveda’s preeminent R&D technician reports, in even the most challenging dry 10% humidity environments, the Boveda Size 1 62% RH lasted approximately 11 days before needing replacement, with the larger Size 4 62% Boveda lasting approximately 17 days before replacement was needed.

Other tests included shrink wrapping the PAQCase with a Size 1 62%, which increased the performance to 18 days while a standard plastic case with the Boveda would need packet placement at just 5 days.

Finally, tests showed that a pre-roll without humidity control resulted in a loss from 46% to 41% humidity. 

The Future: Protective Pre-roll Packaging Requires the Terpene Shield

With such dramatic success already in the bag, PAQCase intends to expand the collaboration between the two companies in the coming years, continuing to innovate products that work directly with Boveda products.

As the undisputed leader in pre-roll packaging for private label cannabis brands everywhere, PAQCase’s goal is to maintain the leading edge in carrying cases that preserve their customers’ pre-rolls. And Brett feels that Boveda will play a vital role in helping him keep PAQCase at the top.

When asked about PAQCase’s overall experience with Boveda and what he would tell others in the industry, Brett said:

“Boveda is leading our industry in providing the one and only Terpene Shield, ensuring the very best experience to enjoy cannabis and hemp flower. We share their commitment to saving the terps and are excited to work closely together to save even more!” 

Save the Terps with PAQCase and Boveda

To learn more about how Boveda, The Original Terpene Shield can preserve your terpenes and keep your flower at its very best, contact Boveda via or visit at To learn more about PAQCase and their products that make the smoking experience as seamless, and convenient as possible, for the Anti-Couch Locked Stoner, visit


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