New World Of Legal Cannabis

As everyone in the industry expected, legalization has brought unprecedented growth in all aspects of the industry, which poses exciting things for the future of cannabis. We are a long way away from the days where the best stuff people could get their hands on came from their best-friend’s, sister’s, boyfriend’s cousin, or when their only consumption options were to roll something up, use a glass pipe, or make a homemade batch of brownies. No, now we have premium brands producing lab tested cannabis with astonishing levels of THC, and companies developing new and innovative product like vape pens, or cannabis infused pasta sauce. Bottomline is that legalization has set the foundation for a once misunderstood industry to step out of the shadows and flourish to its full potential.

What is most interesting about this new age of cannabis is that along with innovations in new products, we are not forgetting our roots. This is no more obvious that in the developments of pre-roll segment of the industry. There is no method of smoking that is more traditional, iconic and sexy as smoking a pre-rolled joint. And this industry is not ready to abandon the hand-rolled device just yet.

One of the most popular innovations in the pre-roll segment has been the infused pre-roll. As demand for concentrates continues to grow year after year, pre-roll producers have used this momentum to their advantage have incorporated concentrates and oils into their pre-rolls. Concentrates can be rolled into the preroll, or oil can be coated along the outside of the roll and dipped in kief to maximize the THC. In addition to helping  preroll producers and retailers to stay relevant, these creations allow them to sell a single preroll for more than $20 and in some cases over $250! 

Another interesting innovation from the preroll segment that has been brought on by legalization, is the new popularity behind mini joints. Legalization has simultaneously sparked a movement to legitimize cannabis as we move away from the conventional, lethargic, stoner, to the new age, active, productive user that companies and products are geared towards. In comes steps the mini-preroll, usually between a quarter-gram to a half-gram, mini-prerolls are perfect for the daily, on-the-go user who needs something quick, efficient, and discreet. Mini-prerolls are yet another way, the most iconic form of smoking continues to fit itself into the newly evolving cannabis culture.

At PAQ, we have embraced this new-era of cannabis, we believe the industry is making major progress to end the stigma around cannabis, and shed light on the power of this amazing plant. We want to be a part of this progress which is why we have engineered pre-roll packaging with the new age cannabis customer in mind. PAQ products are a designed to for discreet, safe and easy transport. The JPAQ joint case is airtight to lock in odors for added discretion, and water resistant to accommodate adventurous customers, as well as providing more crush protection than any other pre-roll packaging in the cannabis industry. Our packaging allows prerolls to become a much more versatile product, and once again allow the preroll to survive in the cannabis industry.  

Pre-rolls have been one of the most consistently growing cannabis segments, since recreational markets opened in 2014. In states with mature recreational marijuana markets the pre-roll segment has exploded. From 2016-2017, Oregon saw 44% growth, Colorado 29%, and Washington 44%! This growth could not have been accomplished without the innovations and creativity that have gone into evolving the preroll into a new era product. One can only wonder what is to come as cannabis continues to grow into mainstream culture.

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