Artist Program (Draft)

PAQ created the best preroll case in the world because we love smoking something rolled. We love the taste, the smell, the feel, but most of all we love the community aspect of passing around a joint or blunt. Whether you are lighting up with those closest to you or with the random person you offer a hit to at a concert, there is a consistent togetherness and community aspect to smoking something rolled! At PAQ we believe in broadening that idea to bring the theme of community into our business practices. 
One of the main pillars of "community" is helping pull up those within the community to help improve and grow that community from within. Our community, is the cannabis community, the more we give back and support those within this community the more we all thrive. 
This inspired our PAQ artist program. The goal is to provide talented artists, who are passionate about their craft and cannabis, a platform to showcase their talents to the rest of the cannabis community. Our artists produce amazing, creative, and unique work for our products, social media content, and marketing materials!