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Are you a retailer interested in selling PAQcase preroll cases? You’re in the right place - read on!

(Pssst, if you’re a brand looking for custom preroll packaging for your product, we’ve got you covered at

Get the JPAQ collection at retailer prices and join our mission to ensure your customers - and smokers everywhere - are ready for whatever comes their way. With our premium preroll cases, smokers feel confident and prepared for anything and know they’re contributing to a greener world by consuming sustainably.

As one of the first - and is still one of the few - preroll cases on the market, PAQcase has earned the love of smokers everywhere with premium functions like child locks, freshness preservation, odour resistance and RoachCoach options to dispose responsibly or save for later. Our versatile and sustainable products have averaged 4.5 stars from over 3500+ reviews and we know they’ll look great on your shelves.

Apply to become a retailer below or log in to see discounted retailer pricing and place an order.