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Our Shared Values

At PAQcase, responsible consumption, environmental responsibility and sustainability are always in the forefront of our decision making. We’re tired of cheap plastic, non-recyclable and disposable doob tubes and we’ve heard you are too. That’s why our premium preroll cases are created to support sustainability and save the oceans.




We created OceanPür™, a non new-input plastic material. Instead of adding to the world's plastic problem, we remove waste from the oceans, and repurpose it into PAQcases. The plastic we remove would otherwise pollute our waters, harm its wildlife and damage our food supply. 


Oh, and our OceanPür material includes a decomposition accelerator that makes our cases biodegrade up to 10x faster than standard plastic!


To put it simply, we’re making the world's best preroll cases that clean the ocean, and let you enjoy a 💨 session where and when ever the moment calls. 


A Sustainable Product

Reduce - Doob tubes and disposable flower packaging create a lot of waste. JPAQs are designed to last so you’re empowered to reduce your footprint. Our RoachCoach™ stores roaches separately from prerolls. Use it to keep the stink of your roach off your fresh prerolls. Save them to finish later or dispose responsibly. 

Reuse - PAQcases are durable and made to be used time and time again. To date, PAQcase has removed 30,000+ lbs of plastic from the oceans and repurposed it into your favorite PAQcases.

Recycle - Unlike most doob tubes, JPAQ preroll cases are made from ♷PP. We consciously chose this material because it can be recycled at most North American recycling facilities.