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Team & History

Ready for Anything

PAQcase™ is all about helping you be ready for whatever comes your way. Be confident, prepared and authentically you with our sustainable, odor-resistant multipack preroll cases for any and every occasion. PAQcase was one of the first - and is still one of the few - multipack preroll cases on the market. Our versatile premium preroll and preroll cases have averaged 4.5 stars from 3500+ reviews.

About PAQcase

We’re the world’s first and leading developer of premium, gasket-sealed and child-resistant preroll cases. We upped the standard single doob tube to deliver an innovative and revolutionary multipack and have been innovating to meet the needs of smokers ever since.


Team & History

PAQcase was cofounded by Brett Gefland and Cody Ziering while the duo served as executives for one of Colorado’s first legal start-ups.Learning the ins and outs of the industry, and as flower lovers themselves, they identified a need for high-quality preroll cases that were discreet, odor-resistant, safe and sleek for retailers and discerning consumers alike.

PAQcase launched its flagship product, the JPAQ™, and saw massive success. Partnering with leading distributors like Canopy Growth Corporation and Kush Supply Co, PAQcase quickly rose to success, garnering glowing consumer reviews and generating over $2.7 in sales in the first year. Today, PAQcase continues to serve both corporate and consumer clientele across North America.

With environmental responsibility and responsible consumption at the forefront, PAQcase is wholeheartedly committed to sustainability efforts and ocean conservation.

As a breakthrough thought-leader, PAQcase continues to gain industry-wide recognition. We’ve been featured as High Times’ product of the month and have launched partnerships with renowned names in the industry, including celebrity-endorsed projects with Seth Rogen, Snoop Dogg, Zig-Zag Papers and Kodak Black.

Our Future

We’re continuing our mission to deliver innovative, premium products that empower smokers and respect the earth. With research and development underway, we’re currently expanding our product lines and working hard to meet the needs of consumers directly. Keep an eye out for innovative new products and exciting partnerships on the horizon!