Team Artists

Jordan Arnell


Jordan Arnell Evans is an American artist, illustrator, graphic designer, painter, videographer, and entrepreneur. Jordan primarily designs for local scenes, but has worked with nationally known organizations, entertainers, and professional athletes the likes of the NBA, the NFL, Drake, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, The Breakfast Club, MGK, ESPN, Wiz Khalifa, Meek Mill, and many more.
 Jordan pulls his inspiration and creativity from deep artistic background. From his days in high school he knew art was his passion, and followed his passion all the way too college where he studies advertising art. In college he also discovered a talent for music production, and went on to form a music group, Mulah Gangg, that produced multiple mixtapes and earned themselves radio appearances over the course of a couple years.
 It is with his passion and experience with art that give Jordan a unique perspective and style that truly comes to life in his work!


Bridget Intessimone


Bridget Intessimone has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. Her artistic skills include illustration, graphic design, and creative writing. Her family’s military background has made her somewhat of a nomad, who cannot stay put, this has contributed greatly to her inspiration and artistic vision. Bridget did settle down momentarily to attended  the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY.  
Bridget’s roots in the art business stretch all the way back to her childhood, where she would trade drawings for snack in the classroom. She turned professional in high school with her own brand, Cabin 7 Originals. From then on everything she created was a Cabin 7 Original. In 2018, she began to promote her brand on Instagram and quickly blew up. This exposure has given her opportunities to collaborate with a variety of cannabis businesses, including Modern Forest, Blazn, Better Daze, Eureka Vapor, and PAQ ltd.
 Bridget’s talent speaks for itself, as she utilizes her life experiences and passions to create one of a kind works of art. Feel free to reach out to Bridget via DMs in her IG below! 


B. Spencer


B has been practicing the art of photography for over 8 years. She had a brilliant idea to combine her creative eye and the natural beauty of cannabis. She has opened the portal to fresh ideas of creating photos that normalize the use of cannabis. Let's be stoned!

Lou Daprile


Lou Daprile is a multidisciplinary designer who loves to touch every aspect of a project from beginning to end. She is a photographer, designer, videographer and motion graphics animator. Her skills make her poised to perfectly execute dynamic media and projects that will captivate the viewer. Lou's love for the camera not only brought her to a mastery of video and motion graphics, but also a deep understanding of print and layout. She is the perfect candidate for fast paced agency environments, looking to generate eye catching creative content for social media or cross platform application.  Her roots in editorial photography brought her to featured in The Stranger, Seattle Met and to shoot covers of City Arts Magazine.